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We reinvented exhibitions to connect business from all over the world, 24/7, faster and further. We strive to eliminate restrictions of money, time and distance that will allow you to share ideas and find reliable partners as wide as you wish. Our goal is to give you a simple but, on the other hand, powerful tool, which will let you focus on your real job instead of wasting a time for promotions.
Virtual Exhibitions and Conferences
It's an entirely new solution for traditional exhibitions, which allows you to attend events but free you from the investments, headaches of travel, accommodation, installing a booth‘s equipment at the same time. This platform was designed to move visitor’s and exhibitor’s behaviors and experiences into the virtual trade space. It's an one stop source to present your business to the worldwide audience.
How to attend and get benefits
In this video presentation you will be introduced how Exponeer works: how to register, how to attend exhibitions and how to publish and watch announcements of conferences.