Why we do it

Exhibitions and Conferences are good places to meet new customers, business partners, follow market trends... But to succeed, it requires investments, long time and hard work. Therefore, this is quite a risky deal, especially for small and medium-sized enterprises

Technologies and a completely new approach can simplify this task, can make it more affordable and even more efficient.

That is why we create exhibitions' hub for SMEs from all over the world, that will let them discover new opportunities, reveal potential and drive business further.

The way we do it

Visitor's experience

Choose the relevant theme and market location you are interested in – in a blink of an eye you are provided with a list of professionals who are ready to collaborate with you. Interested? Enter the virtual company‘s stand. Here you will be not only provided with comprehensive information, but also you will be accompanied by the representative of the company during all your visit.

Each company has up to 5 products on a stand, therefore you will see only the newest products or services. We check all information before it is published on the platform, neglected stand are deleted... You will be certain that, the stand author is a responsible and professional company.

Bookmark your favorite companies, business areas, markets and you will be provided with the newest and relevant products or services. There are no advertising inserts, thus you will save your time

Exhibitor's experience

4 step visitors‘ traffic algorithm brings to your stand your target client: by a theme, market location, products and services of interest, and by the client’s intention to learn more. Finally, he is at your stand!

You can create your virtual stand from the photos, you can complement it by the video, presentation or even you can create a video interview about your new product or service. Attach various information for downloads, show more services from your website, product catalogs on the e-shop or even notes on your social networks* – you can do everything without leaving your stand. And if it is still not enough for you – address your client right here and right now through the chat program. It is so simple and professional.

Detailed report – important tool for your marketing. Be aware of visitors‘ traffic, location, time of the visits, the behaviour of the visitors and etc. Address the ones you would like to collaborate with.

What is more, from now on, your virtual stand can be visited by the visitors of a traditional fair. It feels like you would participate in a real traditional fair. P.S. make an enquiry to your event's organizer about this opportunity.

* some functions are under construction

Event organizer's experience

The combination of traditional and virtual exhibitions – entirely new solution which creates an added value. Complement your event with the new exhibitors and create even greater opportunities for the visitors.

From now on, you can not only reduce exhibitors' expenses more than 65%, but, at the same time, you can increase an income of your event. How? Do not hesitate to contact us!

Our team

Vaidas Šaltenis

CEO The enthusiasm and skills of our team still amaze me. It seems that the things we do are really important.

Donatas Dagys

Software Engineering Sometimes programming is tedious. But in this case, knowing that each line of code contributes to the reduction of pollution, nothing can stop me.

Laura Zizaitė

Communications I am certain that we are on the edge of new communication technology generation. It is an extraordinary feeling.

Darius Buikus

UI/UX Design While creating this platform, we realized that there is no analogous example of it. Although it requires a hard work and challenges, the joy to know that it will be useful for thousands compensates everything.
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