Why did we do it?

Participation in traditional exhibitions costs a huge amount of money and sometimes brings little success. Does that sound familiar to you? A negative experience like this inspired us to look for an entirely new way to present products and services without any risk, large investments, or the waste of time and energy.

This negative experience gave rise to EXPONEER - pioneer of a new generation exhibitions which provides not only live worldwide communication opportunities, minimal investments, but also the tremendous partnership opportunities and many other powerful options at the same time.

We work to eliminate restrictions of money, time and distance, thus allowing you to share ideas and find reliable partners from around the world. Our goal is to give you a simple but, on the other hand, powerful tool, which will let you focus on your real job instead of wasting time on promotions.

Finally, we strongly believe that, thanks to our efforts, you will become more innovative, more outstanding, and more sustainable. This will enable you to better use your time and resources to change the world into a better place to live - this is what we work for.

We believe

We do not aim to take away from you the joy of live communication, our goal is to essentially change the currently existing but already outdated exhibition way.

Imagine that at first you visit an exhibition or conference at Exponeer: you get acquainted with new products and services, make a useful contact exchange with representatives and have a talk with them online. Without any waste of time and money you already know everything about market trends and people with whom you would like to go into partnership. If you still prefer to visit a traditional exhibition, you will meet there the partners whom you are already familiar with from Exponeer.

We believe that, in perspective on time, thanks to our efforts, the outdated traditional exhibitions will change into compact ones where people will meet just to sign the contracts. We are confident with the fact that such a communication way will not only decrease a risk and expenses to a minimum, but also significantly enhance business efficiency and growth. We believe that Exponeer will be the tool, which enables you to forget headache for advertisement and save thousands of working hours; therefore, you will be free to create something new and incredible.

And last but not least, we are certain of a significant contribution of each Exponeer user to the nature recourses saving. Let's push the human race forward together.

Our team

Vaidas Šaltenis

CEO The enthusiasm and skills of our team still amaze me. It seems that the things we do are really important.

Donatas Dagys

Software Engineering Sometimes programming is tedious. But in this case, knowing that each line of code contributes to the reduction of pollution, nothing can stop me.

Laura Zizaitė

Communications I am certain that we are on the edge of new communication technology generation. It is an extraordinary feeling.

Darius Buikus

UI/UX Design While creating this platform, we realized that there is no analogous example of it. Although it requires a hard work and challenges, the joy to know that it will be useful for thousands compensates everything.

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