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Seven reasons to use the virtual exhibition platform Exponeer

Participation in exhibitions is an expensive pleasure. Although nothing beats the actual experience, executives hesitate before making a decision to take this step for just that reason. They need to cover the costs of preparing for an exhibition, travel, accommodation and a thousand other little things. But even after spending an impressive sum of money, no one can guarantee that an exhibition will even be useful to their business. Also, the visitors to these exhibitions can become lost in the uproar of a giant exhibition space while they hunt for the stands that present to their interest.

Different methods have been used to try and solve problems faced by traditional exhibition organizers, participants and guests. Maps and brochures have been given out to attendees, websites were updated and armies of volunteers were hired. Additionally, companies have spent enormous effort—and monies—in order to draw visitors‘ attention to their costly stands of products. Those who have no hope simply choose bouquets of balloons, girls with long legs and compete with the size of their signboards or fill the exhibition space with leaflets, which these days are nothing more than waste-paper.

In the modern business realm, traditional exhibitions are perceived as dinosaurs left behind and forgotten. In a world of high-tech opportunities it was inevitable that the traditional exhibition would have to disappear, evolve or adapt to changing technological opportunities and increased business demands of the new world.

We understand the importance of business expectations and needs. Therefore, we have created a virtual exhibition platform that allows executives and employees to participate in exhibitions without spending a heap of money or even leaving the office. Rather, simply by using the advantages of the Internet, we have moved all the traditional exhibition experience and value to the digital space.

To make it easier to understand the advantages of our virtual exhibition platform, we have prepared a list of the seven most important points. After reading them it will be clear exactly why it is worth signing onto the Exponeer platform today.

1. You save time

Time is the only asset that is equally given to all of us. All of us have twenty-four hours in our day. How we spend that time is up to us. As the resource of time are limited, no one wants to waste precious minutes waiting for an ordinary connection at the airport or standing at a company's expo stand, wondering if the presentation will even be worth it. And that‘s not to mention the time it takes standing in line just to get in!

At the start of developing Exponeer, we set a goal for ourselves to create a tool that will greatly facilitate the process of preparation for an exhibition and simplify participation. System testing have shown that we accomplished this task. For example, the process of preparation for an exhibition takes up to two days on the Exponeer system. In comparison, preparation for a traditional exhibition can take up to ten times longer.

The Exponeer platform allows a person to organize as many as 20 exhibitions a year, without any hassle. In comparison, based on our calculations, a company can have a good quality performance in traditional exhibitions only twice a year. So Exponeer not only saves time, but also enables a more efficient use of it. Time wasted is time you can‘t get back!

2. You save money

Cost optimization is a feature of every modern, well-managed business. However, companies still devote enormous sums of money for participation in exhibitions without ever being able to assess their value. The only argument in favor of this system was that there was no other way. After all, you need to try to reach foreign markets and present your services or goods somehow.

We calculated that most of pre-exhibition costs are allocated to installation of the stand and renting the exhibition space. It takes about 80 per cent of the total exhibition budget. In today's digital age, it seems inappropriate to say the least. Therefore, we are confident that Exponeer virtual exhibition platform will allow companies to avoid these egregious costs, allowing them to invest the saved money into other business areas.

3. Your audience is the whole world

We believe that in these times that distance should not be an obstacle to business development in foreign countries or even continents. Therefore we developed Exponeer to give you more opportunities to reach even the farthest countries – markets which you have not even considered because you knew that any investment for an exhibition there would be too costly.

Now you can reach an audience all over the world with just a few clicks. All restrictions suddenly disappear, and the old working methods will turn into unpleasant memories.

4. You will not lose contact with people

Exhibitions are often visited not only for information but also for an opportunity to meet the right people face-to-face. At first glance, online platforms may seem to lack the personal touch and human contact. But Exponeer has an answer to that.

The system is designed to help hold a personal meeting in the digital space with a specific company representative, rather than with someone hiding behind an anonymous profile picture or a pseudonym. Communication takes place with real people who not only provide detailed information, but also answer any questions.

5. You will receive the exact statistics of attendance

Participation in traditional exhibitions, where companies present their goods or services, brings hardly any measurable benefits. In addition, approximate numbers of visitors passing through a particular company‘s stand provided by exhibition organizers amounts to nothing more than counting the number of collected business cards. What happens to them later, no one can say.

Attendance statistics of a virtual exhibition taking place in the electronic environment are much more accurate and informative. It is precise. After the exhibition on the Exponeer platform, the company is provided with a useful information package outlining the details of visitors‘ statistics at the stand, their particular interests and even their profiles.

There must be reasons why more and more advertising money is put into online channels. One of those is simply that in the virtual world results can be clearly measured. So why not apply this principle to exhibitions?

6. You will present an image of modern and efficient business

Not so long ago, businesses had to prove that they could be found on the Internet, and every self-respecting company had to have a decent website. Today, that isn‘t the case. Every company, big and small, has a presence on the internet. Everyone understands that it cannot be otherwise. Previously, the first companies that had their digital home were called visionary and considered trend-setters.

The situation repeats itself, only this time in the case of exhibitions. We are at a turning point, when the first participants of virtual, digital technology-based exhibitions will be seen as modern, innovative and future trend-setting players of the global, unified market.

7. You will respect the environment

Anyone who has visited a real life exhibition has seen the piles of accumulated marketing material: posters, leaflets, signboards and similar prints. Also, you probably noticed a huge number of stands or partitions. Did you know that after the event all of them go to the trash?! To our way of thinking, such practices seem not only impractical and wasteful, but also harmful to the environment.

We firmly believe that visiting virtual exhibitions can make a significant contribution to nature conservation. For example, exchanging two traditional exhibitions to the same number of virtual exhibitions amounts to as much as 40 planted trees saved from becoming poster-signs and hastily constructed, one-time use display stands.


We believe it is important to count not only real, but also alternative costs and responsibly assess the implications of business activities. In the future, only those businesses who prove themselves to be responsible and forward-thinking will remain.

The best time to advance your business and your investments is now!

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