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For those who just came back from a Trade Show

If you just came back from a Trade Show and luckily your pockets are full of new business cards, to open this post is a right thing you did.

3 topics we are going to talk here about:

  • Exclusive way to meet again with your visitors from the recent Trade Show;
  • Freedom to continue a participation in the Trade Show even it is finished one week ago;
  • Solutions which improve engagement with your current and new contacts.

Literally, what do we do when we come back from a Trade Show? First, we try to continue potential collaboration with the ones we met there. We want to give thanks for a meeting and conversation, herewith we provide more information about our company and products we produce; this way we try to strengthen a potential partnership. It means, we try to remind about ourselves for every contact personally and confidently. Sounds like a big job.

What if we set you free from this usual job that you get into and guide you to create it in a different and even more personalized and advanced way. Amaze your visitors.

Imagine that instead of sending them a text e-mail [one of generally using way] with attached address to your website and some extra catalogues, you could impress them with an emotion, self-assuredness and interactive content.

This is simultaneous dual videos. Simultaneously working double video screen keeps your presentation informative, real and attractive. In one video, on the left side, there is a speaking person’s video, it’s you, the same person the visitor met in an event at your booth and talked with. On the right side – there is a video of additional information, which complements and visually presents your speech. It can be some integrated video fragments, pictures, graphs, examples, etc.

You may ask, what is the value of it? You remind your visitors about yourselves using not a text form, but you send them a real presentation. You enable your booth‘s visitors to meet you again. Give them emotion and gain your confidence. And it means that from now on you start to attend Trade Shows not just for 3-5 days, but more. This way you extend your participation in so far it is relevant to your visitors.

Moreover, after you share your virtual booth with your contacts, you will be able to analyze your visitors traffics by the number of weekly flows, countries and even identify registered members who watched your professional presentation. This monitoring allows you to find out the effectiveness of your stand, and to know better your clients and their needs.

And finally, for to make it mutually valuable connection, you will be able to initiate conversations with your visitors and get questions directly through a platform’s chat. It ensures a fast and integrated connection with your target audience.

So, how, where and when to start? Visit Exponeer’s Virtual Stand. Get More Info about creating processes, visitors monitoring and connecting items. Find out all interests and questions, send us your virtual business card and contact on a chat.

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