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Traditional + Virtual Expo. Visitors and Exhibitors experience case

The idea of “Virtual Meeting Island” shouts – set free your company from a risk and test your potential markets attending trade shows remotely! The idea which is going to bring a new visitors and exhibitors experience. Where is the enter key?

As the event’s organizer offers a new service – Virtual Trading during the Show, visitors and exhibitors move forward to a new interfacing space. A space, where attendees are connected for a long-time perspective by:


As virtual exhibitors replace their virtual stands to Virtual Meeting Island, they are able to meet their target audience – the same visitors’ traffic who come to trade shows physically. Here it comes a synergy – meeting your audience while attending remotely.


Facing with the importance of real emotion and humanity during the show, the virtual meeting by this way initiates the interface based on Double Video presentation. Keeping up with representative’s personality it allows for visitors to enjoy a comprehensive product’s presentation – constructive, relative and interactive meeting.

One of the way how it works – Company’s Hansab presentation


In every product’s presentation, visitors are followed by the exhibitor - direct representative. It is for your convenience – to message, to call and to send an attachment to a direct contact in every stand’s visiting step. Direct to direct.


After the show, we can figure out how many conversations we had, how many business cards we received and how many of them we handed out. In this case, virtual stands generate weekly reports, analyzing visitors flows and geographical identification. Identification allows not only to follow visitors but also to initiate a conversation with them.

As a result, here it comes the experience – the interface that allows to start and continue a potential partnership meetings independently from distance, time and resource restrictions.

Comparing the differences between traditional and virtual expo, traditional trading is about communication face-to-face. It is obvious, virtual is not going to change it. Otherwise, for a first time meeting, how often the contracts are signed…That is why the opportunity of virtual trading enables to start without a risk, creating an option to come to trade show physically after event’s market testing and attendees reactions virtually. Call it direction for a further attendance selection.

All the opportunities about the virtual trading, Virtual Meeting Island and its implementation are accessible on Exponeer’s website. We are meeting there.

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